A professional by day, sporadic blogger by night. You have stumbled across the most down-to-earth budget blog on the web. You get to see it all. My successes, my mistakes – use tools I create for myself and let me know how they work for you. Let’s celebrate along the way. I’m on an journey – an adventure of a lifetime. Here are some of my most recent posts:

Planning Series Part 2: Write Meaningful Goals

As a product owner by training, I know first hand the importance of writing goals down. At my day job this habit saves confusion when words are understood two different ways, is a reference point and decision making tool when gray areas surface that need a decision and maybe most effectively, goals are a time […]

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Take note of the counter on the right column – my first challenge is to get rid of my stinking student loans – the second to last piece of debt I have remaining – while preparing for two sixteen year old boys to start driving, eating me out of house-and-home on a single income. No small feat in 2 years. There’s bound to be some excitement. As soon as that student loan is paid in full – maxed out 401K, here I come!

Speaking of kids – when I was a kid, financial advice came from close friends and family – if anyone even dared to speak of it in front “money” and “bills” in front you. Now, with the all-knowing Google at our finger tips, there’s information everywhere – you just need to know where to get it.

As anyone can attest – I have a natural gift for learning things the hard way – repeatedly. Throughout life, I have only reinforced this belief with myself and those that know me. Current thinking – by exposing my repeated lessons on a money and budget blog, you might stumble across a tidbit of something useful to take what I’ve learned and put it to good use. My story may resonate with some of you and help you through whatever it is you’re going through now.

Like any woman on a mission – and with a head nod to “Julie & Julia” – I challenge myself to make a difference this year. Come along for the ride.

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I love this image, as it represents the things I love about this world, about my life. You can follow my Instagram or join my Facebook page to see pictures of the people I love, the things we do and what we care about. They are all my why. There aren’t enough photos or social media accounts in the world for me to convey my why. Perhaps a picture though, can be worth a thousand words.

Simon Sinek first reached me through a Ted Talk about Apple and Microsoft’s Why’. If you haven’t seen his video yet, I highly recommend it. I’ve seen fortune 500 companies adopt this at all levels, bloggers I follow focus on it, Dave Ramsey tout it – and its nothing new. Its simple – know yourself, be yourself first and let your why drive all the things you do – especially with your finances.

The picture of the river and tent above I think was taken a State Park in Pennsylvania. Now, knowing I’ve been to these places and its possible to go to these places with a small amount of planning and prioritizing – that is the feeling of peace, of satisfaction. These aren’t any extravagant trips – local state parks and couple of good friends. Its not my entire ‘why’, but I hope its enough to convey to you the importance of finding your ‘why’.

Now…. switching gears a bit, since my boyfriend (and love of my life) is probably reading this – let me clarify to him and all of you. I have been a single parent for 16 years. My twins are nearly 16 and I am their sole provider. My wonderful boyfriend supports me in many ways – but none of them financially. We have separate finances and this is my financial journey. In fact, a good part of my ‘why’ is to give my boyfriend and I a fresh start for that next big step.

My ‘why’ is first and foremost my boys, closely followed by my life-partner and peace of mind. What’s your why?

Begin with the end in mind.

The one and only, Stephen Covey