Free Printable Savings Goal Tracker for 2020

Its a good practice to get out of the budget weeds every now then. Look at the big picture, and keep an eye on the total percent of your income going towards savings. Download this free R2B Printable Tracker for your budget binder, or fridge or wherever you keep that list of where your money goes. List your savings goals, add them up and adjust to increase / decrease the percent of your income you want to save.

See more variations (floral, plain, any year, 2020) available on my Free Printables page for download.

How to use this tracker:

  1. Write down major savings goals for the year (401K, Ski Trips, Disney Land, New House, etc.)
  2. Write down the total you’ll want to save over the year.
  3. Divide that by 12 to get your monthly goal target.
  4. Add up all your goals’ annual savings targets. Total at the bottom.
  5. Add up all your monthly goal targets (or divide your annual by 12). Total at the bottom.
  6. From another worksheet (or your W2’s, investments, etc.) add your total Gross Income at the bottom (annually and monthly).
  7. Divide your total savings goals by your gross income.
  8. Et Voila! Jot the % down in the “%” boxes to see all your hard work adding up.
  9. Put in your budget binder, and enjoy.
  10. Check them off on the right as your goals are met.
Savings Tracker Real Numbers

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