YNAB Digital Cash Envelopes – Real Numbers & Homegrown Reporting

I am going to hold off on showing my income or all my categories for now – but its exciting to show what I am spending and look for community support and ideas on my journey. The below screenshot is a quick review of my January spending. I’m looking for insights with my data, and realistic (or not) my challenge goals are for saving and cutting back spending.

These aren’t all my categories – I did an export from YNAB, but it only seems to export the categories where I have spend activity. Does anyone know how to get all category values spent from a YNAB export?

Now, with YNAB, and one of my favorite aspects of the budgeting tool is that you have to have your money in your account before you assign it a job. That means, the ‘Allocated Budget’ column represents the money I put into my ‘Digital Cash Envelopes’ (via YNAB). Its money I already have in my account. As opposed to a ‘forecasted’ budget, these are not target goals to spend that I set early in the month, but rather a total of all the money I’ve set aside in that month to do a certain job.

I do carry over my remaining balances each month in those digital enveopes (or reallocate as needed), but that is not shown here. I am only looking at “did I take less out than I put into each digital envelope.”

Do I spend more or less than I add to my digital envelopes each month?

To look at this quickly, I ran an export from YNAB and plopped it into Microsoft Excel. Now, this Excel sheet isn’t wasn’t working exactly as I want it to quite yet, and YNAB doesn’t have the report I’m looking to see month-over-month to analyze my spending out of the box. So, I’ll keep working to see if there’s an easier way to see what I want month over month.

For now, very happy to report that my overall spending was under budget. That means…

I’m spending less than I earn, and that’s a start.

What tools or printables do you use to analyze past spending for future budget planning?

Real Numbers, January spending and budget review

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