How NOT to Spend Money

Great interview from Nick True on Youtube (also inserted below) with Diania from FinCon19 (I’ve never heard of this – but my interest is peaked!).

The gist of it is – and my biggest take away – is to reprogram your mind to run through a checklist of how to get the value of something without going to a big box store and immediately grabbing it off of the shelf.

My coffee dilema – solved by this mental checklist. For instance, about 4 years now since I purchased my cheap Walmart, Faberware, single-serve Keurig knock-off coffee maker – and I hate it. LOATHE it. To the point where I’d rather buy coffee than make it at home.

I stroll through the aisles of Walmart, knowing there isn’t anything quality enough I want, or cheap enough worth the counter space. I’ve had $400 thermal insulated, shower-head filtering, commerical grade but made for the home coffee pots in my Amazon cart, with my finger hovering over the “Buy Now” button.

Its been this little checklist that has helped me find a path forward out of this coffee-pot-purchasing-purgatory. I hope it helps you too, in your next coffee-pot purchasing dilema.

“How not to spend money” mental checklist:

1. Is this a need or a want?

2. Is there something I already have that fills the need?

3. Can I borrow something that fills the need?

4. Can I purchase a used item that fills the need?

Nick True & Diania, YouTube October 2019

Retrain your brain with each opportunity to reinforce how not to spend your money, so you can put your money towards your real goals.

Happy budgeting!

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