The Uncrackable Egg

I was making eggs this morning, and accidently put my finger through a shell simply picking it up out of the carton. I thought eggs were supposed to be strong. Why does it seem those shells keep getting weaker and weaker at each opportunity?

I was thinking about a recent video from Nick True over at Mapped Out Money, as well as Miko over at The Budget Mom as I grabbed the next egg more gently from the carton. This protective coating is how the chic is protected while it grows. Why did that egg crack under the slightest of pressures? I wonder… if instead of the calcium carbonate eggs were fortified by our ‘Why’, does it reflect the determination we have to nurture our goals?

The quality of egg shells is interesting. It needs to be both strong in one direction to protect the chick, and breakable in another, to let the chick out when its ready. From a financial perspective I thought, our ‘Why’ is what hardens that protective shell around all the challenges we’ll face in meeting our goals.

That protective ‘why’ shell keeps our goals safe diverging from our intended path. Its so important to be resolute, firm and dedicated to your goal, giving it time to thrive before it hatches.

Budgeting is a plan for how to meet your financial goals.

Not that I want take the egg analogy too far (nest egg, give your dreams wings, don’t scramble your dreams, time to fly the coop, keep a sunny side up attitude) we can certainly learn from nature, and from making breakfast.

Some egg shells are weak, for various reasons. They get crushed, and unused. Some egg shells are too hard, and goals go unrealized. I suppose then, if our ‘why’s’ are weak – we won’t be strong enough to stay on the path towards our goals, and if our ‘why’s’ are too hard and inflexible, never letting the dream hatch. Be mindful.

I want my ‘why’ to be balanced like a healthy egg shell – strong enough to protect my goals until they are ready to hatch. I am still unsure of my ‘why’. I have so many goals, but I can’t believe those are my ‘why’s’. I am going to continue thinking about it, finding that core motivation that makes all other things seem ridiculous and fall by the way-side. [Update December 2020 – Welcome Message on Ready2Budget Home page self-identifies my ‘why’s with conviction. Take a moment to read my ‘why’].

If you’ve not seen Simon Sinek’s 2014 Ted Talk – stop what you’re doing and watch it now.

What are your ‘why’s’, and do they protect your goals from external influences? What makes your determination to succeed uncrackable?

Find your why, harden your resolution, protect your goals and see them hatch.

Fun fact: Did you know the Egg shell can withstand a ridiculous amount of pressure?

In the study, eggs of different sizes, from quail to ostrich, were tested on their strength using an electromechanical system that compressed the eggs between two pieces of rubber.

Chicken eggs were found to have a compressive strength of 100 lbs, whereas ostrich eggs gave values of more than 1000 lbs. Size and shell thickness were the most important factors in determining shell strength. 

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