2020 Birds-eye View of Savings and Debt Payoff

Specifically, this is geared towards those like me, who are in the place of their journey where both debt payoff and savings goals collide. You may still have debt – whether consumer, student loans, auto loans, mortgages, etc., and may want at least get your employer’s match if you’re not maxing out retirement accounts, and / or have other savings goals such as emergency funds, sinking funds or other non-retirement accounts.

I have other worksheets that talk about each individual savings goal, but this worksheet looks at it all very high-level, rolling it up to see at a glance what you’re saving, and what you’re paying off towards debt. Just think – when the debt is all paid, that is money you can now put into savings alone. I can’t wait!!

2020 Birds Eye View is Geared towards those saving and paying off debt concurrently. Write down what happened that impacted your results each month. Total up your savings and debt pay-off goals at the end of the year. Blank column for investments or other objectives.
Download PDF

Leave a comment below, let me know what you think of this birds-eye view of potential savings per year.

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