Free Printable 2020 Quarterly Goal Snapshot

This year, I’m focused on a few goals, and all my means are going to towards accomplishing these goals. I want to check in on those goals a few times a year as progress is more visible.

I want a high-level view of my list of accomplishments throughout the year. Accomplishments as in – progress towards my goals.

Sometimes with interest rates being what they are, you don’t see much progress as you feel you’re making. Especially if its paying off debt.

To help keep me motivated and seeing my progress, I created this quarterly snapshot printable for my budget binder.

If it’s something that might help you and you’re on a similiar journey, please download the PDF below and leave a comment below with your feedback on how something like this may or may not work well for your goals, and what you’re looking to keep an eye on throughout the year.

Thank you – and happy budgeting!

2020 Quarterly Snapshot
Download PDF

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