Budget and Feel Good

I have willingly sent a non-profit, charitable organization a personal check, just because I wanted to, and of course, because I had the “extra” money.

That extra money wasn’t actually extra though. I’ve been wanting to give, and needed to plan for those dollars in my budget, just for that purpose.

I used to tithe – but haven’t to church in years. The only people I send money to today are either bills, loans or kids. Bah! No, when I give money away, every now and then I want it to support a good cause and enjoy the euphoria of giving. Not the pain of a nearly doubled electric bill due to all the working from home. I feel good giving, and better knowing its covered in my budget waiting for an opportunity.

I wrote a small $50 check to the National Wildlife Federation and plan to have a category in my budget for a monthly contribution. It made me feel sooooo good – Nature and wildlife support is something I’m passionate about, and budgeting helps my inner nerd sing. I mean – its a match made in heaven – budgeting for nature.

If you don’t have a gift / giving category just for charitiable donations in your budget – go ahead and add one. Even if it sits empty, it’s a reminder to put a few bucks in every now and then. As it grows, keep your eyes open for an opportunity to give. Look for that amazing waiter and leave a generous tip; look for a single parent struggling at the checkout line to get all the groceries and pay for their cart. Find a flyer in all that commercialized junk mail for an organization that means something to you, that you want to be a part of. It’s okay. Budget, be ready to give and feel good. Feel real good.

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