Women and Financial Literacy

I don’t often think of finances as gender specific.

Recently, a team member from Annuity.org reached out to me and asked to share a link to their resources on this blog. After a quick glance at the website, I am happy to oblige. I’ll dig into their content a bit more and analyze it, and provide my review on it.

On their website I noticed a page called Women and Finances. Being a woman, naturally, I clicked on the link. My first thought was I cannot think of where or how a woman’s financial strategy ought to be different from a man’s, or vice versa. This is likely a marketing play to target women.

With a quick Google Search I found out very fast that “Women and Finances” is a thing.

Earlier today I had a bit of insight at the gym on a very similar topic. When I walk into my local gym for strength training day, I was perfectly happy and comfortable heading to “the back” where in a little, safe nook is a “women’s” free-weight section. I think the heaviest dumbbell back there is maybe 50lbs? You get the picture. You also know in the “main” free-weight section of the gym, those dumbbells go up to like 150lbs or something crazy. Nope, I’m good and have everything I need in the “women’s” section, and enough to push myself. I don’t even blink and eye, and am quite happy to not be around all those gym rats. AND – there was a women who came into my side of the gym who I am pretty sure does weight lifting competitions, dressed up in pink sparkles. What was cool – as I was struggling through a set of bicep curls using 15# dumbbells, I could glance at her and be inspired by her progress. I can see someone who has the discipline to deliver meaningful results in this safe space. The “girl” side isn’t to be short shifted by any stretch. Perhaps that is the same feeling some women have in regards to their finances. A safer space to be, act and think.

If finances were a Gym, I might want to be in the main area most times, lifting the heavy weights right along with the seasoned investors and young adults preaching FIRE. I would want to glance at their techniques and movements to see how I can be better. I want to learn and grow through inspiration and shared experiences, and when you isolate yourself or reduce your exposure circle, learning becomes more limited. Still, there is merit in being in company of those whom you can relate and depend on as you grow. And, value can be had doing either approach – womens only, mens only or code. Keep an open mind.

Lesson learned: There is much to be gained in both approaches. If you can be I inspired and think beyond your borders and comfort zone – you’re in the right space.

And now, I’m off to Google more about gender and finances… cause why not!? I am curious about anyone reading this – how much time do you spend learning about finances, planning, and taking action on your plans?

Just think about it…..

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