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Cash Challenges in a Corona World

Corona cash spending habits for many have changed since COVID 19. For me, I’ve recently decided that although I am more hyper-aware of those invisible beasties (germs) than ever before, my relationship to cash truly hasn’t changed much. Where do I normally spend with cash verses card? Well, my cash spending is normally for things […]

Women and Financial Literacy

I don’t often think of finances as gender specific. Recently, a team member from Annuity.org reached out to me and asked to share a link to their resources on this blog. After a quick glance at the website, I am happy to oblige. I’ll dig into their content a bit more and analyze it, and […]

Stupid Student Loans

“Baby steps” sounds both pragmatic and infuriating. I ain’t no baby! I’m a grown, angry woman infuriated with these stupid loans. In 2020, my goal was to find a way to pay $1K a month on these stupid things. And thanks to budgeting, I am able to find that money each month so far to […]

Budget and Feel Good

I was able to write small $50 check for the National Wildlife Federation. It made me feel sooooo good. Nature and wildlife support is something I’m passionate about, and budgeting. I mean – its a match made in heaven.

April Showers, May Flowers.

Haven’t posted in a while. I need to, I want to. Just know for now – that if you’re struggling financially, May showers are coming after all this rain. It will be okay. Learn lessons, be smart, don’t panic with you money or blow your budget up. Stay the course. If you’ve planted seeds in […]

Timber… its going down.

I am making a decision to have two trees removed from my property (for various reasons). These trees are not cheap to remove, and I’ve been planning for a while to do this. But is this really the time? The entire world has nearly shut down – restaurants, non-essential businesses, everyone working remotely. Nearly every […]

March 2020 Budget Goals – Real Numbers

Well – here goes nothing! After retirements, taxes and other things – I am left with approximately….drum roll for real numbers please….$5,300 per month to fund my goals. (Notice I didn’t say “…to pay my bills”. Because what kind of life would that be if we just worked to pay bills!?) For me, sharing my […]

Handcuffed by the Money Taboo

“The silence about money within the family keeps young people from developing financial skills.” US NEWS 2016 I remember as a young adult in High School Economics (Economics!) getting a Xerox of a check and needing to know how to fill it out. It confused the daylights out of me (as well as the rest […]

My Money is growing up!

Thank you YNAB for calculating my age of money! Its a pretty cool idea, admittedly. My Age of Money (AOM) has been hovering in the 30s for a few weeks now. Typically, its closer to the high 20s). But now, NOW…its encroaching on my actual ripened age of 39. Eeek! Yes, a (am I middle […]

First YouTube Post: Cash Envelope Stuffing for Groceries

Now, I don’t normally subscribe the ‘cash envelope’ method – I use and LOVE YNAB, which is a digital cash envelope system for all categories. I did the Dave Ramsey all cash spending before – I think Mike at the Budget Mom is a firm believe in all cash spending – but I am not […]

2020 Birds-eye View of Savings and Debt Payoff

Specifically, this is geared towards those like me, who are in the place of their journey where both debt payoff and savings goals collide. You may still have debt – whether consumer, student loans, auto loans, mortgages, etc., and may want at least get your employer’s match if you’re not maxing out retirement accounts, and […]

Free Printable 2020 Quarterly Goal Snapshot

This year, I’m focused on a few goals, and all my means are going to towards accomplishing these goals. I want to check in on those goals a few times a year as progress is more visible. I want a high-level view of my list of accomplishments throughout the year. Accomplishments as in – progress […]

The Uncrackable Egg

I was making eggs this morning, and accidently put my finger through a shell simply picking it up out of the carton. I thought eggs were supposed to be strong. Why does it seem those shells keep getting weaker and weaker at each opportunity? I was thinking about a recent video from Nick True over […]

Bloom in Adversity

“Be a flower that blooms in adversity. For they, are the rarest and most beautiful of all.” Yes, you may recognize that from Mulan. 🙂 Financially speaking, I find poetry symatrery with the flowers blooming against a winter backdrop of my windowsill. Like us with our budgets and our frugal kindness to beat debt and […]

Finally – Mr. Money Mustache.

So much more to come – in the mean time – check out Mr. Money Mustache. No stickers, 10,000 highlighters or repetitive budgetary nonsense. FIRE, and straight forward, tough love and insights. Drop what you are doing immediately… and check him out.

How NOT to Spend Money

My coffee dilema – solved by this mental checklist. For instance, about 4 years now since I purchased my cheap Walmart, Faberware, single-serve Keurig knock-off coffee maker – and I hate it. LOATHE it. To the point where I’d rather buy coffee than make it at home. I stroll through the aisles of Walmart, knowing […]

See a Penny….

I work downtown, and have a crazy journey over the river and through the woods to arrive at my desk. And so…mindlessly churning my steps away to the place of employment, I heard the clear metallic *tink* of a coin skidding across the street. I must have accidently kicked a penny off the side walk […]

Finding Balance

We are all on a spectrum of growth. Some have figured it out earlier in life and some like me, are just now learning what it really means to be financially responsible. As I’ve learned more over the years how personal finances need managed, I loathe my lack of education as a young person. Whether […]

My Budget Checklist

I use Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps as general guidelines. I’ve tried following them to a “T” before, but its only backfired for me, as its too rigid. I’ll be posting more on these 7 Steps and how I apply them to my general budgeting strategy towards my financial goals. YNAB’s Four Rules act as my […]

YNAB Digital Cash Envelopes – Real Numbers & Homegrown Reporting

I am going to hold off on showing my income or all my categories for now – but its exciting to show what I am spending and look for community support and ideas on my journey. The below screenshot is a quick review of my January spending. I’m looking for insights with my data, and […]

Free Printable Debt Payoff Checklist

Debt Payoff Checklist. Keep tabs of your progress, write in pencil and find those promotional rates to help minimize interest rates slowing down your repayment.

Brainstorm your budget categories

Finding the right balance of budget categories can be incredibly frustrating, and lead to a “budgets are stupid” mindset. I had to learn through trial and error what works for me, and you will too. There are dozens of templates, tips and tricks out there that will give you “must have” budget categories as suggested […]

Free Printable Savings Goal Tracker for 2020

Its a good practice to get out of the budget weeds every now then. Look at the big picture, and keep an eye on the total percent of your income going towards savings. Download this free R2B Printable Tracker for your budget binder, or fridge or wherever you keep that list of where your money […]

Free Printable Net Worth Goal Tracker for 2020

With my trusty budget binder at my side, I flip through the various sheets of paper that track my progress on various savings and debt pay off goals. These print outs are visual, hand-held and tangible trackers that keep the big picture of my finances easily accessible. While I love the online tools that manage […]

Tool Kit for YNAB

YNAB is an amazing, sexy zero-based budgeting tool. Hard as it is to believe, there’s even more amazingness in the personalization and customization options available via the YNAB Tool Kit. “Tool Kit for YNAB is a free, communite contributed, open source browser extension for use with You Need a Budget. It adds tweaks and additional […]

Undebt.it – Best Debt Free Tool Online

When this tool started out, Jeff very simply had a ‘Debt Snowball’ table that plotted out the hard stuff for you, did the math and ran the iterations. Amazing enough, right? Now, Undebt.it has so many tools, features and awesomeness, Jeff’s actually gone and created an ‘Easy Mode’ to help simplify. Take advantage of this […]

YNAB. Always YNAB.

Ain’t no doubt about it – this online budgeting software is one of the best digital tools for improving spending and savings habits. You want to cut bad habits, and grow tiny new ones? Financially speaking, this site is for you. Start off with a one month free trial with full functionality. Nothing to loose. […]

Hello World, I’m Ready to Budget.

Woo-hoo! I have a Budget Blog. Let’s do this! What makes this one so very different from all the rest? I am here to help you customize a solution that works for you. There are so many Budget Gurus out there with steller content, philostophies and tools – knowing where to go, what to use […]

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