Jamie, R2B Creator and Founder

My name is Jamie. I’m a Product Manager and Information Architect by training, and I have a passion for organizing, categorizing and puzzling out how effective and easy to use personal budgets and finances can be. I’m fascinated how our minds organize information so differently, and am intent on finding tools and techniques that let’s you make the most of your goals. My mission with Ready to Budget (R2B) is to pull together as many resources and budget tools as possible to provide a one-stop-shop Budgeting resource website.

With my background and training, I seek out user-friendly, versatile, intelligent solutions for the practical, every day budgeter like you and me. Some like use maybe 2 – 3 categories for all their expenses and savings, some 10 and some 100! There is value to any of these if there is value to you. There are some best practices along the way I’ll share with you as we organize our thoughts. I’ll pull together insights for Digital budgeters and paper budgeters, cash budgeters and credit-card-point jugglers, and everyone in between.

As my collection of reviews, tips and tricks to use what resources are already out there, and get you to the good stuff faster, we’ll expand the mission and head onto the next challenge.

As this blog is just getting started, and as content starts to build up in my Budget Toolbox, here are a few quick wins – especially if you’re completely new to budgeting and want to get started right now:

I also welcome your questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. I would love to look into your budget methods, sources, tools to continue building out this library. Email me your ideas, questions and moments of budget brilliance to share with others. Let’s get this party started!