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I love this image, as it represents the things I love about this world, about my life. You can follow my Instagram or join my Facebook page to see pictures of the people I love, the things we do and what we care about. They are all my why. There aren’t enough photos or social media accounts in the world for me to convey my why. Perhaps a picture though, can be worth a thousand words.

Simon Sinek first reached me through a Ted Talk about Apple and Microsoft’s Why’. If you haven’t seen his video yet, I highly recommend it. I’ve seen fortune 500 companies adopt this at all levels, bloggers I follow focus on it, Dave Ramsey tout it – and its nothing new. Its simple – know yourself, be yourself first and let your why drive all the things you do – especially with your finances.

Knowing I’ve been to these places and its possible to go to these places with a small amount of planning and prioritizing is a very satisfying feeling. These aren’t any extravagant trips – local state parks and couple of good friends. Find your why.

Now, since my boyfriend (and love of my life) is probably reading this – let me clarify to him and all of you. I have been a single parent since the day I found out I was expecting. They are nearly 16 and I am their sole provider. Their father is not in our lives physically or financially, and my boyfriend and I have completely separate finances. This is my journey alone….until it isn’t. A good part of my mission is to give us a healthy foundation, a solid structure to build a future on.

My ‘why’ are my boys, my life-partner and my peace.

Begin with the end in mind.

The one and only, Stephen Covey